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Kidapawan Carnival

Kidapawan city celebrates its Charter Day or better known as "Kidapawan Carnival" during the month of February. It is a week-long celebration of the city's life and culture. A gleeful, merry making celebration of the people in Kidapawan, while showcasing the art and beauty of the city's different ethnicity, culture and beliefs all in one grand festival.

The Carnival is also part of the city's strategy as an initiative to draw tourism into the city. The festival is made to entertain locals and visitors alike. Each activity made becomes a highlight event during the festival for everyone to experience and enjoy.

The Kidapaweños welcomed this celebration with a Civic Military Parade and Thematic Costume and Float Parade, where different schools, offices and organizations brought color to the streets of Kidapawan, as they dance to the beat while displaying their unique masterpiece of arts, beauty and talent.

The festival is loaded with fun-filled activities that every Kidapaweño will surely love and enjoy.